1.   What is double taxation?  

- It is a case where tax is being levied twice from the same amount of income in two or more states.  

2.   What is a “Double Taxation Agreement”?  

- An agreement between Thailand and other countries to avoid or eliminate double taxation.  

3.   How many Double Taxation Agreements that Thailand has concluded?  

- Thailand has 57 agreements with other countries.  

4.   Does Thailand have a double taxation agreement with Hong Kong?  

-  Yes.  

5.   What happens if the rate of tax stipulated in the Revenue Code is different from that of an agreement?  

- Apply the rate which is more beneficial to the taxpayer.  

6.    Who is eligible to benefits granted in the double taxation agreements which Thailand has?  

- Residents of Thailand and the contracting states.

7.    Which taxes are covered by the double taxation agreement?  

-  Income tax and Petroleum income tax.   

8.    What is the meaning of a “permanent establishment”?

-  A fixed place of business through which the business of the enterprise is carried on.     

9.    What is the method for elimination of double taxation provided in the agreement?  

- In a double taxation agreement, there are credit and exemption methods.  

10.   Is there any difference between a ‘double tax agreement’ and ‘double tax convention’?

-  In practice, there is no real difference.    

Last updated: 01.09.2014