Check list

Check list


ROH shall meet the following criteria to qualify for the privileges:

            1.       An ROH must be a juristic company or partnership incorporated in Thailand

            2.       Its paid-up capital must be of not less than 10 Million Baht at the end of each accounting period;

            3.       To provide managerial, technical or supporting services to its branches or associated enterprises in at least 3 countries;

            4.       That half of its total income is derived from administrative, technical and other supporting services provided to its branches or associated enterprises in other countries and royalties received from outside of Thailand for the use of ROH's R&D. This criteria can be mitigated to one-third of the total income in the first three accounting periods of its operation as ROH. In the case of Force Majeure, the Director-General of the Revenue Department may lower the income threshold for one accounting period; and

            5.       To notify the Revenue Department about the incorporation of the ROH. The benefits will be given starting from the notified accounting period onwards.



Last updated: 07.09.2012